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Dark Paradise

While Dark Shadows has a decent following, Strange Paradise (often referred to as "Dark Shadows of the North") has not been as fortunate. As it shares similar aspects, I decided to create this cross-over RPG to not only share my new love of this soap, but to hopefully convert Dark Shadows fans into Strange Paradise fans.

This rpg will focus on the events which happen right after Barnabas and Julia return from 1840 AND six months prior to the beginning of Strange Paradise. You may play one non-canon character with the founder's approval.

Available Dark Shadows Characters

  • Adam
  • Amy Jennings
  • Chris Jennings
  • Willie Loomis
  • Tony Peterson
  • Elizabeth Stoddard
  • Ned Stuart
  • Sabrina Stuart

  • Available Strange Paradise Characters

  • Philip Desmond
  • Annie Harrigan
  • Mrs. Janet Pruitt
  • Mr. Pruitt
  • Quito
  • Crystal Snowden
  • Tim Stanton
  • Ada Thaxton
  • Laslo Thaxton
  • Waldo Travers